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Happy Hump Day Y’all!!!! Today’s edition of Carlyle Hump Day is dedicated to the smile that literally melts your soul! I know a lot of people are going through a lot of stressful junk right now, Me included, and I have found out that a smile, especially this one, can make the day a little brighter and not make you feel so over whelmed. So Here’s to hoping this brightens your day and helps put a smile on your face as well!!! Happy Hump Day and Enjoy the View!!!


So someone asked me for more random thoughts about OUaT, thus I give you a random Rumple headcanon:

I think I share the part of the headcanon with many fans that Rumplestiltskin hardly ever sleeps and even when he does he does little. He much rather keeps himself awake using magic and all sorts of potions.

What others might or might not share with me is that eventually all magic and potions become useless in face of his fatigue, and that the moment they prove futile is quite sudden. So sudden that he is completely awake one moment and then simply collapses the other.

Which leads us to…


…Belle having to carry a knocked-out Rumplestiltskin to bed.

Oh, while were at it, bonus headcanon: he sometimes drools in his sleep.


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